Pluto TV Free Movies Channels

Pluto TV Free Movies Channels are the best part of this App. Watch tons of movie title with the best quality from various Genres. All you have to do is turn off the lights.


Pluto TV Movies Channels

This app has its own movies channels, provide Hollywood movies from many years. Not just one channels, this app has a lot of movies channels.

TV Spotlight (Ch. 50)

Roll out the red carpet and turn down the lights, because the biggest action movies are here on Pluto TV Spotlight. Watch TROY, SPEED RACER, EXECUTIVE DECISION, and SWORDFISH all month long, exclusively on Pluto TV.

Pluto TV Movies (Ch. 51 and Ch. 52)

There’s always a hit movie on Pluto TV Movies. Watch box office smashes featuring the biggest stars 24/7. New movies are added every week. Keep the popcorn flowin’ and we’ll keep the hit movies playin’.

Pluto TV Family (Ch. 54)

Everybody loves movies, and you’ll find the movies that everyone will love on Pluto TV Family. From animated adventures to classic comedies, there’s always something for every member of the household, every day of the year.

By Genres

Beside the default movies channels, Pluto also has movies channels based on movies genre.

Thrillers Channels
Thrillers Channels

Action Movies (Ch. 55)

It’s time to go into overdrive by jumping off buildings, flying a burning plane, driving in a car chase and saving the world. Action Movies brings you blockbusters, stars, and a strong dose of high-octane excitement.

Comedy (Ch. 56)

For the most hilarious, most quotable, most excellent movies that will keep you in stitches 24/7, watch Pluto TV Comedy. With a library of lunacy and a litany of ludicrousness, this is the place when you are looking to LOL.

Drama (Ch. 57)

We curate a channel for drama lovers young and old with classic series and new drama hits from the UK and abroad. We showcase the best names in Drama who have gone on to make it big in Hollywood.

Flicks of Fury (Ch. 58)

The fists and flips will be coming fast and furious on “Flicks of Fury,” Pluto’s exclusively martial arts movies channel. Featuring the biggest names in martial arts and the most amazing fight action scenes, this channel is totally kick-a**.

Pluto TV Thriller (Ch. 59)

Your pulse is pounding, your fists are clenched, and there’s danger around every corner. You must be watching Pluto TV Thrillers, where killers stalk the night, spies evade capture, gangsters sleep with the fishes, and you sit on the edge of your seat.

Horror 24/7 (Ch. 60)

Your pulse is pounding, your fists are clenched, and there’s danger around every corner. You must be watching Pluto TV Thrillers, where killers stalk the night, spies evade capture, gangsters sleep with the fishes, and you sit on the edge of your seat.

Pluto TV Documentaries (Ch. 61)

Some stories are so moving, so powerful, so unbelievable they have to be true, and you can watch the most eye-opening real-life exposés any time you want on Pluto TV Documentaries.

Pluto TV Indies (Ch. 62)

Hollywood can afford big stars and computer effects, but you can’t put a price on real human emotions, which is what you’ll find every day on Pluto TV Indies, featuring the best independent dramas and comedies that money can’t buy.

Classic Movies Channels (Ch. 63)

Slip back into the golden age of Hollywood with Pluto TV’s Classic Movies. Featuring award-winning dramas, campy comedies, and gripping thrillers. Spend some time with John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, and more starlets on Classic Movies.

Pluto TV Romance (Ch. 64)

If you believe in love at first sight, if you’re looking to be swept off your feet, and if you’ve always wanted to stop that special someone at the airport to say how you really feel, then we request the pleasure of your company on Pluto TV Romance.

Cult Films (Ch. 66)

If it’s a little offbeat, a little unusual, but very well-loved, it’s on Pluto TV Cult Films. From zombie movies to westerns, and from kung-fu to comedy, it’s playing all night (and day) on Pluto TV Cult Films!

Black Cinema (Ch. 67)

Pluto TV’s Black Cinema channel celebrates one of America’s greatest film genres with unforgettable movies, iconic performances, independent spotlights, and award-winning documentaries.

Westerns (Ch. 68)

Saddle up, buckaroo, and hit the trail with the two-fisted, rough-riding cowpokes on Pluto TV Westerns. Featuring Hollywood legends and modern-day stars, you’ll find a showdown at high noon or sunset to ride off into any time of the day.

Other Language

This app also has non-English movies channels.

Pluto TV Cine (Ch. 69)

Las películas de la lengua Español que amas están jugando 24/7 en Pluto TV Cine. Vea películas como “Casa de mi padre” y “Amor letra por letra”, así como películas populares españolas como “Dirty Dancing” y “Sinister”. ¡Viva Pluto TV Cine!

Gravitas Movies (Ch. 70)

Gravitas Movies brings the film festival to YOU with audience award winners and audacious storytelling. Hundreds of movies a month from diverse and groundbreaking filmmakers across the world.

The Asylum (Ch. 71)

From the creators of Sharknado, The Asylum offers the very best in guilty pleasure Original Movies and TV, featuring action-adventure, sci-fi, horror, late-night thrills and more. Popcorn and beer is a must!

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