Pluto TV Guide

Pluto TV Guide on how to download, install, customize free movies and live TV app. This app is the best free live TV and Movies app. Pluto TV has over 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies from the biggest names. Such as NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Paramount, and Warner Brothers. Plus exclusive channels like the Pro Wrestling Channel, Anime All Day, Food TV, and the newest live college sports channel.

Pluto TV
Pluto TV


First of all, you have to download this app. Pluto TV officially support Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Smart TV, Sony PS4 and OTT devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV. If you don’t have Smart TV and want to install Pluto on your TV, you can use any wireless display dongle. Follow download page to get the pluto tv app on your device. Pluto tv app is a very light app, so it does not require special hardware to use it.


After download pluto tv on your devices, all you need is install this app. For Windows and Mac OS based device, the installation is very easy. Its just one click installation, so you can easily install it. To install this app on an Android device, just go to Google play store and find “Pluto TV”. This app is also available in iTunes for iOS user. OTT device is a little bit different but as easy as the others. Roku users can get it on channels search, and then search for Pluto TV. Firestick users can find this app on the search menu.



Pluto TV is an absolutely free app, there is no charge or payments to use this app. Even free app, you can customize this app as you like. You can use your smartphone as a remote control. Hide/Unhide channels, or customize your favorite channel so you can easily access it. You can get all of those extra features by activating your Pluto TV Account. Don’t be a worry, Pluto didn’t charge any payment for activating your device. So you can save your money for the others.


Enjoy Free Live TV and Movies

That’s all you have to do to get free live tv and movies app. You can cut your cable, and save your bucks. There are so many free apps like Pluto TV, but not all of it is legal. Pluto TV is free and LEGAL apps. Its contain legal content from a legal source. So you don’t have to worry about piracy content, just relax and enjoy free entertainment at your home. Whats makes Pluto TV free is there is some advertising on the content, just like classic TV. So the company gets money from the ads.

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