Pluto TV Keep Crashing on Roku Firestick and OTT Devices [Solved]

Pluto TV keep crashing is the most Pluto TV users on OTT Devices. Pluto is the best free movies and lives tv app for OTT Devices. But there are some problems on OTT Devices that annoying Pluto TV Users. When you enjoying your favorite TV or Movies then your apps are crashing and stop working, that is the most annoying moment. Just like the other apps, there are some bugs in development. These bugs are usually solved on next apps update. Pluto TV developer has a professional team who developed this app. So you don’t have to worry about the app updates. There will always update and will broadcast on their media. Below are the troubleshooting tips and tricks you can try if your Pluto TV App keeps crashing.

Pluto TV Crashing
Pluto TV Crashing

Check Pluto TV Versions

Please make sure that your device has the latest version of the Pluto TV app and the latest OS of your platform/device available. Since the first launch, Pluto TV App has many updates that solved many bugs. Because in developing an application, bugs have come in each version. So you have to check that your device and Pluto TV app has the latest updates.

Check your Internet Connection

The most important thing about OTT devices is a stable internet connection. Because OTT Devices send and request content constantly, so a stable internet connection is the first thing. Half second latency that occurs, can cause playback issues when streaming in OTT Devices. That’s mean, a fast connection is important, but this is not first on OTT device, the first is stable internet. To get a stable internet, try to get a cable-based connection than a wifi connection. Because this internet type is offering a more stable connection.


The problems that cause pluto tv keep crashing is not only the Pluto TV App itself. There are many factors that can cause Pluto TV Crashing. The first is a hardware firmware update, the second is Pluto TV Update and the third is Internet Connection. Make sure that all of those things are working correctly.

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