Pluto TV on Sony TV (Smart) | Installation

Pluto TV on Sony TV is the best combination. As the app tagline ‘Entertaining the Planet’, this app is full of entertainments. You can watch thousands of movies title, TV shows, and TV channels. Hundreds of TV Channels such as News, Sports, Games, and Drama Channels in one single Application. The best part of this app is Free. Yes, it’s free, you don’t have to pay a subscription. All of the content is free to watch. Even more, all of the content is from legal sources. So you don’t have to worry about piracy.


If you have Sony Smart Television, you can install this App easily. Sony Smart TV is an Android-based device. Likewise, you can install Pluto TV APK on your Sony TV. Like the other Android Apps installation, you need a Google Account to download and install an Android application. This account is used for the Google Play Store. So if you haven’t the account yet, get it first.

Pluto TV Sony TV Installation Guide

Below is the step by step guide on how to install this app on your Sony TV.

  1. Start your Sony Smart TV.
  2. Press the Apps button on the TV remote.
  3. There will show a list of apps listed by category.
  4. Go to Top Featured category or Media & Video Category.
  5. Go to the right side, and find Pluto TV App.
  6. Point the cursor at the Pluto App icon.
  7. Hit the center button on your remote
  8. There will be a Google Sign in Form.
  9. Go to the use your phone or laptop and hit the center button.
  10. There will appear some code, remember the number.
  11. Use your internet browser (From PC/Laptop/Smartphone) and go to
  12. Enter the code on the previous step and click continue.
  13. If the code is correct, there will be a Google Sign in notification on your TV.
  14. After the notification there will be a Google Play Terms page. Choose the accept button.
  15. Then will appear Pluto TV Installation page. Go to the Install Button, and hit the center button on the remote.
  16. Wait until the installation finished.
  17. After finished, there will be an open button. Press it to launch Pluto TV App.

Voilaa, you now can watch your favorites movies and TV channels for free.

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