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Remove Pluto TV App push notifications from Android or iOS mobile. Push notifications sometimes help mobile devices users to get the latest information about some apps. But sometimes it’s also can distract mobile users when it displays too often. So there are a lot of mobile devices users try to remove push notifications from their mobile devices. Because sometimes not all of the push notifications are needed by users. In contrast, Pluto TV app push notifications only contain apps information and the other useful information. It doesn’t show ads or the other unuseful information. Pluto only put advertising inside the videos and TV’s Shows. Pluto tries to make users comfort to use this app. Even this app is free apps, users experience is important, so it can gain app reputation.


If you still want to remove push notifications about this app on your Android or iOS mobile device. Below is the complete guide on how to remove push notification.


Below is the guide on how to disable push notifications on Android mobile devices. Similarly, this is work to the other Android apps, not only Pluto TV App.

  1. Open Android System Settings 
  2. Select App/Notifications
  3. Tap on the Pluto TV app
  4. Under Notifications, Uncheck or Slide Off


iOS – Push Notifications

For iOS users, below is the step to change push notifications settings, this can work on most of the iOS apps.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Notifications 
  3. Scroll down to Pluto TV app -Tap
  4. Adjust the Notification type(s)


Push notifications are sometimes useful and sometimes is distracting. It’s very annoying when it shows advertising that not related to the apps. Furthermore, sometimes there are adult ads in some apps, and it’s very very annoying. But never in Pluto TV App. Because this app only shows advertising inside the content, as a classic TV do.

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